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  • Name : 8208-IP Weather Proof Scanner
  • Type : SCANNER
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8208-IP Weather Proof ScannerThe 8208-IP Scanner offers 4 / 8 channel monitoring with advanced functions and full programming features with touch sense keys in IP65 Weather proof protection for monitoring process values and protection application.
8208-IP has option for 4/8 channels accepting universal input and 4 relays to serve various applications. The unit has separate Numeric displays for CH. No., Group and Process Value. All Configuration and Calibration can be done from front keypad.
8208-IPhas 4 relays with full mapping and logic flexibility. User has facility to program alarm, trip set-points and logic individually or group wise. Channels can be configured up to 4 groups with one relay per group; 2 groups with 2 relays per group or 1 group with 4 relays per group. Two discrete LEDs are provided per channel and one LED per relay for indication.
8208-IP has built-in Isolated RS485 serial communication port with Modbus RTU protocol and provides optional analog retransmission output with Max/ Min to further interface with PLC/DAS/DCS/ SCADA.
The Unit is wall mounting with up to 12 nos PG11 glands for 8 channels Scanner & 6 nos PG11 glands for 4 channels Scanner for multi-core cable wiring.


Universal input for each Analog Input
IP65 for Weather proof protection
Fast Sampling rate with instantaneous relay action
Four relays for alarm/trip
RS485 Serial communication port for remote monitoring
Multiple Levels of configuration and password protection
Comprehensive Alarm/Trip logic programming
Retransmission output (Optional)
Easy Programming by front Touch sense keypad


Generator Monitoring and Protection
fans and blowers DG temperature monitoring
Motor protection: Winding & Bearing temperature
Water and Waste-Water remote monitoring
Electrical Sub-station monitoring
Drying Ovens
Fermentation Processes
Monitoring of Air compressor, pump, transformers, Flow Monitoring
Retorts and Cooking Processes
Heat Treatment: to achieve desired result of hardening or softening material
Power Monitoring
Metal and mining applications
Machine condition monitoring
As a distributed I/O module for interface
with PLC/DCS/DAS etc
Pharma application
Chemical industries

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