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  • Name : 8208 8-Channel Scanner
  • Type : SCANNER
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8208 Scanner offers multi-channel monitoring with advanced functions and simple programming features in very compact 1/4 DIN size for monitoring process values and protection application.
8208 has flexible configuration option for 8 channels accepting universal input and 4 relays to serve various applications. The unit has separate Numeric displays for CH. No., Group and Process Value. All Configuration and Calibration can be done from front panel keypad.
8208 has 4 relays with full mapping and logic flexibility. User has facility to program alarm, trip set-points and logic individually or group wise. Channels can be configured up to 4 groups with one relay per group; 2 groups with 2 relays per group or 1 group with 4 relays per group. Two discrete LEDs are provided per channel and one LED per relay for indication.
8208 has built-in Isolated RS485 serial communication port with Modbus RTU protocol and provides optional analog retransmission output with Max/ Min to further interface with PLC/DAS/DCS/ SCADA.


Universal input for each Analog Input
Compact 1/4 DIN mounting
Fast Sampling rate with instantaneous relay action
Four relays for alarm/trip
RS485 Serial communication port for remote monitoring
Multiple Levels of configuration and password protection
Comprehensive Alarm/Trip logic programming
Retransmission output (Optional)
Front Panel Programming


Generator Monitoring and Protection
fans and blowers DG temperature monitoring
Motor protection: Winding & Bearing temperature
Water and Waste-Water remote monitoring
Electrical Sub-station monitoring
Drying Ovens
Fermentation Processes
Monitoring of Air compressor, pump, transformers, Flow Monitoring
Retorts and Cooking Processes
Heat Treatment: to achieve desired result of hardening or softening material
Power Monitoring
Metal and mining applications
Machine condition monitoring
As a distributed I/O module for interface with PLC/DCS/DAS etc

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