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  • Name : TT7S00-HR 2-wire Transmitter Pt-100 input
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TT7S00-HR is low cost Analog Linearized non-isolated 2-wire Head mount Transmitter, solder pads selection and potentiometer adjustments makes the Transmitter suitable for multi-range applications; the electronics is rated to withstand high temperature, protected by potting and housed in a rugged enclosure for reliability. The Transmitter is sized for DIN B sensor heads with ergonomically placed terminals and potentiometers for ease of wiring and adjustments, the output is fully linear to temperature and load independent, with just 6.5V drop across the output, large loads can be connected in the loop. For sensor break the unit can be configured for upscale or down scale output, sensor lead wires are compensated for up to 15 ohms per lead in 3W connection TT7S00-HR is the most cost effective transmitter for Pt-100 input where Isolation between Input and Output is not required, the electronics is optimized to give the best performance at a very low cost, the PCBs are machine soldered for utmost reliability, every unit undergoes a stringent quality and calibration check and supplied with a test report each. Masibus has 39 years of design experience and is known for delivering quality Instrumentation products cost effectively.


Power Plants Metal Industry Oil & Gas Chemical Glass Industry Cement Fertilizer Research Pulp & Paper Food & Beverages


Multi-Range design Output Linear to Temperature Analog Linearized for 0.1% Linearity Sized for DIN B heads and bigger Sensor break selection for upscale or downscale Protected Electronics rated to withstand high temperature Flat and compact housing Most cost effective Machine soldered Printed Circuit Boards Automated Testing and calibration check

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