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  • Name : 409-4IN Large Display Indicator
  • Type : INDICATOR
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Model 409-4IN is the large display Indicator which can be monitored up to distance of 160 feet (50m). Its large digit facilitates process value to be monitored across wider geographical area in plant. It has most advanced features for monitoring and communication of process status.
Model 409-4IN accepts 21 different industry standard inputs with high accuracy of 0.1% to measure temperature, pressure and other process variables. It is easy to operate and configuration is user friendly. CJC compensation for thermocouple input is done through software for higher accuracy.
It can be interfaced with SCADA/PLC using optional RS485 communication and analog retransmission output for process automation. It has two-way communication facility allowing user to read and write PV over Modbus between any Master device and Indicator.
Alarm can be configured for two set points which are indicated on front Status LEDs. This Indicator has SMPS power supply for smooth and reliable performance. It is also equipped with transmitter power supply.
Model 409-4IN utilizes its unique feature of LED brightness control which enables plant engineers/ operators to adjust intensity of controllers' LED display in order to achieve comfort for eyes. Model 409-4IN is equipped with advanced functions like digital filtering, password setting, input and output protection and square root function for optimum process functionality


Temperature & process indication Pressure/ Level/ Flow Monitoring Plastics molding/extrusion temperature monitoring Heat treatment - furnace temperature monitoring Weighing platform Remote Process Supervision


4” (100mm) Large LED Display 21 selectable input types (TC, RTD, mV, mA, V, Ω) Transmitter Power Supply RS485 serial communication (optional) PV write facility via Serial input Programmable retransmission output (optional) Two programmable alarm outputs (optional) Available with 19” Rack & IP65 Wall mount enclosure Display brightness control Serial RS485 Input (Modbus Slave Read/Write) Input Scalability for Linear input type Square Root Extraction for linear input type. Selectable Digital Filter 0-60 Sec

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