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  • Name : Differential pressure indicator – switch Model 120 / 122
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120 Differential Pressure Indicator has a rugged design for industrial use to measure the differential pressure in a filtration system which indicates directly on a single gauge dial.
A specially designed magnetic movement allows the instantaneous sensing of both pressures while completely isolating the gauge function from the pressure chamber without the use of mechanical seals.
Unlike ordinary differential pressure gauges, these instruments can be supplied with switching facility through a reed switch to initiate an alarm signal or system shutdown. One or two switches can be provided to open or close on either rising or falling differential pressure. Switch setting is easily done through an external adjustment.


■ Lube oil filter
■ Oil & gas filtration
■ Strainers
■ Valves

Special features

■High static pressure
■ Metallic piston operated
■ Single or dual switch option
■ Unique magnetic pointer movement
■ Media isolated gauge case
■ SS case 6" dial
■ Nylon case 2½" dial

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