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  • Name : 4-20 mA Vibration Sensor Model 125 Top Connector
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The hermetic sealed 4-20 mA loop powered industrial accelerometer model 125 is design to monitor the vibration in harsh industrial environment. It uses the industry standard 4-20mA Loop that interfaces directly with PLC, DCS and 4-20mA monitor. Large choice of output (velocity, acceleration, RMS, equivalent Peak) and frequency range will help to fit almost every customer requirements. Their compact size allows for installation in tight places. The dynamic signal output (acceleration or velocity) can allow spectral vibration measurements.

Competitive advantage

• Low cost IP67 overmolded M12 cable assembly
• M12 overmolded cable assembly is available through local electronic distributor
• M12 offers compatibility with sensors used in automation.

Typical applications

Vibrations measurement in the rugged environments of industrial machinery monitoring. It allows continuous trending of overall machine vibration.

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