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Model HT7S Loop powered transmitter series are designed for highly accurate humidity and temperature measurement for a wide range of industrial, pharmaceutical and building automation applications There are three variants in HT7S series: Humidity transmitter, Humidity transmitter with RTD Pt 100 Passive output and Humidity cum Temperature transmitter.
HT7S series transmitter is available in Wall mount and Duct mount options. Transmitter provides linear output signals directly proportional to relative humidity and temperature.
HT7S series transmitter is available in Weather proof or Ex-proof enclosure options suitable for harsh environment.
HT7S Model provides better than 2% RH accuracy and Class A RTD with excellent long term stability. All these devices provide high performance in a compact design. Loop powered 4-20 mA DC output signals can be fed as input to remote display, recorder, controller or PLC/DCS, over a long distance.
Two-wire connections allow easy installation directly into air ducts or within a controlled area. Most importantly, the right choice of the filter cap enables usage in harsh environmental conditions. The model HT7S series uses capacitance based sensor for humidity measurement, that is unaffected by high humidity, dust, fog etc. A rugged weather proof enclosure is available to monitor space humidity and temperature.
Optionally available HT7S11-Y model is designed with feature of one Common Positive Loop Line, and gives separated current Outputs for RH and Temperature. Hence it reduces wiring to total 3 wires only. This device is best suitable for Interfacing to devices having multichannel Data Acquisition.


Ideal for HVAC application Building automation Pharmaceutical Labs/Industry Clean rooms Replaceable humidity sensor assembly Capacitance based sensing. High Accuracy Excellent long-term stability Research Laboratories Weather telemetry

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