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  • Name : LC5296H -5006RN _On-Off Controller
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Accurate, reliable control of various process applications is provided by Masibus series of On/Off controllers with enhanced hardware capabilities in compact enclosure of different size.
Masibus Series of On/Off Controllers are available in various options having display size of bright seven-segment 0.56” and 0.8” LED display for process value.
It accepts universal input and provides two relay outputs to perform various control and alarm functions. Intuitive configurations with four front tactile keys ensure easy programming.
Process value can also be retransmitted to remote devices as standard current/voltage signals. Data acquisition can be done on SCADA/PLC applications through RS485 for further process automation.
Designed using proven micro-controller technology, these controllers have been validated to perform accurate and reliable performance in harsh field environments.


Universal input (TC, RTD, Volts, mA)
Fail-safe Design protecting the process in case
of system malfunctioning
Bright Red seven segment LED Display
Display brightness control
Status Indication LEDs
Relay Output
Retransmission output (optional)
RS485 Modbus Communication (optional)
Transmitter Power Supply


Heat treatment furnaces
Water heating boilers
Oven control

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