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The hermetic sealed triaxial industrial piezoelectric accelerometer model 138 is design to monitor the vibration in harsh industrial environment. It uses the industry standard ®ICP 2-wire voltage transmission technique with a 2 mA minimum constant current supply. Signal ground is isolated from the mounting surface and outer case to prevent ground loops. Faraday shielding will limit sensitivity to ESD to a minimum. Annular shear mode design will prevent from thermal transient and from spurious signal from high transverse vibrations. Low noise electronic and a temperature compensated design will give you accurate result over the complete temperature range. Large choice of frequency range will help to fit almost every customer requirements.

Competitive advantage

World smallest industrial triaxial accelerometer. Industrial means with internal faraday shield isolated from mounting surface.
• Compare to obsolete compression design, annular shear piezoelectric sensors feature better frequency response, improved base strain, lower noise, smaller size, thermal transient imunity and insensitivity to cable motion. Annular shear mode is also less susceptible to transverse vibrations and better immune to electronic saturation at high frequency.
• improved dynamic range (thanks to exceptional bias stability) at elevated temperatures.
• Resistant to shock (magnet mounting) thanks to protected MosFet transistor input. • ESD and reverse wiring protection.
• The glass seal hermetic connector protects the piezoelectric disc and the electronic from harmful environmental infl uences, signifi cantly increasing their reliability and lifetime. Associated with low cost IP68 overmolded M12 cable assembly it is a perfect solution for submersible application down to 150 metres.
Sensors with epoxy seal will leak after few temperature cycles.
• M12 connector offers compatibility with numerous sensors used in automation. M12 overmolded cable assemblies are available from many cable manufacturers around the world. Mil cordset are expensive because they are only available from vibration sensor manufacturer.

Main Characteristics

®ICP transmission mode
• Annular shear mode (better than obsolete compression design)
• Dual case isolation with internal Faraday shield (suitable for permanent installation, no need for insulation pad, no ground loop)
• medium and high frequency version (10, 50, 100 mV/g)
• Hermetically sealed (laser welded)

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