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Masibus LC5296-AT / LC5248E-AT / LC5296L-AT / LC5248L-AT PID Controller series is designed to offer outstanding control performance in a compact package providing a comprehensive solution for a wide variety of applications: such as plastic manufacturing, packaging machinery and food processing applications requiring precise heat/cool control and processes protection alarming.
LC5296-AT / LC5248E-AT PID Controller offer a cost-effective alternative to implement loops in a PLC while at the same time improving loop performance. It accepts one universal process input suitable for Thermocouple, RTD or linear mA/Volt. All inputs and outputs can be read directly over the Modbus communication interface by the supervisory host system as well as process value can be retransmitted to remote PLC/DCS. This expands capabilities of available PLC/DCS and host supervisory system I/O, simplifies machine troubleshooting and remote diagnostics.
LC5296-AT / LC5248E-AT / LC5296L-AT / LC5248L-AT PID Controller With a fast responsive PID auto-tuning algorithm it is equipped with Heat/Cool relay or SSR output for control function. Auto-tuning adjusts the PID parameters for desired set-point according to the current process dynamics so it has no harmful effect on the current operation. It has flexibility to switch control to On-Off or Manual mode for non-critical applications.
LC5296-AT / LC5248E-AT PID Controller has two outputs available providing a combination of Relay (alarm output) and Relay or SSR (control output) based on application requirement. Whereas LC5296L-AT / LC5296L-AT PID controller has 3 outputs providing combination of 2 Relay (alarm output) or SSR (control output)


Auto-tune PID
Universal input (TC, RTD, Volts, mA)
15 Alarm configurations
RS485 Modbus Communication (optional in LC5296-AT / LC5248E-AT model)
Retransmission Output (optional in LC5296-AT / LC5248EAT model)
Relay / SSR control output option
Password protected configurations
Auto/Manual selection with bump less transfer
Fail-safe Design protecting the process in case of system malfunctioning
Display brightness control
Transmitter Power Supply in LC5296-AT/LC5296L-AT/ LC5248E-AT model
Function Key : Selectable for RUN/STOP or Auto/manual or none.(LC5296L-AT/LC5248L-AT)


Injection Molding machines
Plastic Extrusion process
Packaging machines
Food processing applications

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