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Masibus Datalogger Model 8040 is a high performance Data Acquisition/Data logging Device, designed to work as a standalone unit or with PC Interface. Model 8040 is available in 19” sub-rack with 10 I/O slots, the architecture supports a max of 8 universal Analog input modules and max of 2 Digital output modules, Power Supply and Main Controller Module.
The 16 channel Analog Input (AI) Module is Universal and supports 8 thermocouples types , 2 RTD types and Voltage, each module has a high resolution, fast ADC and delivers data update rate in 3 seconds for all 16 channels, the AI module is available in channel to channel Non-Isolated differential and channel to channel Isolated Differential configurations. Each channel has 4 programmable Alarm/Trip set points for comparison and generation of hard/soft digital outputs The Logging function allows user to setup channels for real-time logging with time-stamp, Masibus mACplus software works on windows platform and is used for datalogger configuration, calibration and retrieving logged data to PC.
Optionally, operator terminal is used for local display, configuration and programming of datalogger, Operator terminal is equipped with 24 keys and 2x16 alphanumeric LCD screen as Human machine interface. Two types of digital output modules are available as option, 8 Channel relay module and 16 Channel open collector module, the digital outputs are freely mapped to input channels and generate Alarm/Trip or status outputs to annunciate input channels condition.
For communication the unit has 2 serial ports dedicated for user interface, enabled with Modbus RTU protocol, one additional serial port is provided for operator terminal or HMI interface


Process monitoring Vibration Monitoring Boiler tubes monitoring Pharma process validation Heat Tracing circuit monitoring and control RTU Remote I/O for PLC/DCS/SCADA

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