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  • Name : Differential pressure gauge – switch Model 106D
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106D Differential pressure gauge are diaphragm operated to ensure reliable indication of pressure difference between two inputs.
High and low pressures are applied on either side of a diaphragm. The resultant deflection is transferred to the gauge case through a unique motion – transfer mechanism and a SS movement. The diaphragm displacement is kept minimum to achieve high repeatability. The pointer movement and dial are fitted in a weatherproof SS case. Snubbers are part of the process connections, which protect the instrument from process pressure fluctuations.
High and low switching for alarm can be provided with adjustable cam mechanism to actuate one or two microswitches. The diaphragm is protected fully from over pressure through a seal valve assembly


■■ Monitoring and control of pumps
■■ Filter monitoring
■■ Level measurement in closed tanks

Special features

■■ Differential pressure measuring range from 0 ... 25 bar
■■ Diaphragm sensor
■■ Weatherproof
■■ High working pressure
■■ 270 deg pointer travel
■■ High-low switching
■■ Dual scale for flow monitoring
■■ 304 SS wetted parts

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