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  • Name : Pressure switch Models 201, 203, 281
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Series 200 Pressure Switches is a SWITZER mainstream product range for switching upto 75 bar and includes models for vacuum, compound and millibar ranges and high overload protection.
Precision mechanisms are of stainless steel for arduous atmospheres and high humidity. Enclosures, sensing elements and switching modes can be combined to offer the variety needed to suit the demands of rapidly expanding industrial processes.
Precise and accurate operation is obtained by using time proven seamless hydraulically formed bellows. Setpoint is continuously adjustable over the instrument range. A scale is provided for approximate switch setting.


■ Hydraulics and pneumatics
■ Steel
■ Power
■ Special purpose machine

Special features

■ Diaphragm-sealed piston sensor and diaphragm
■ High static pressure
■ Field adjustable setpoint
■ Robust design

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