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  • Name : Pressure switch Model PS01
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These high quality pressure switches have been developed especially for safety-critical applications. High quality of the product with established systems and manufacturing process will ensure reliable monitoring of your plant.
Rugged in construction, supreme in performance PS01 pressure switches are designed as cost effective solutions to meet a variety of applications in oil, gas, power, steel and petrochemical industries.
The sensing element consists of a time-proven diaphragm sealed piston affording high integrity, reliable switching and a very high overload protection. Variety of combinations in features are available to make it versatile.
For diaphragm sensor, diaphragm is used as a measuring element.


■ Hydraulics and pneumatics
■ Steel
■ Power
■ Special purpose machine

Special features

■ Diaphragm-sealed piston sensor and diaphragm
■ High static pressure
■ Field adjustable setpoint
■ Robust design

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