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Masibus RS-12 is a high precision Simulator for the simulation of Pt100 resistance thermometers. RS-12 covers the general operating range of Pt100 thermometers with 12 calibration points. The Simulator is small in size, rugged and easy to use and it has been especially designed for field use.
Since the output is a purely passive resistance, it can operate with all types of Pt100 measuring equipments, including the live systems using pulsed, or interrupted excitation current.
The precision Pt100 simulator is used wherever measuring instruments or controlling systems have to be tested or calibrated with great precision.
A distinctive feature of this simulator is their simple operation. The resistance values required for simulation are directly set in °C. There is no need to use tables.


Food Industry, Medical Science
Simulates RTD’s in all types of instruments, such as transmitters, controllers and data acquisition, process control, lab equipment etc.
For Maintenance & trouble shooting


Direct Temperature output 12 Switched Steps
< 0.3 °C Accuracy
Quick Check Switch BOX
Allows 2, 3 or 4 wire connections
Compact Size

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