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Product Detail

  • Name : Flow switch For industrial heat exchangers Model FSM-6100
  • Type : FLOW
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The model FSM-6100 is an electromechanical flow switch designed for


Detects the “no flow” condition of liquid carrying flow ■lines entering industrial heat exchangers (water chillers or heaters).The signals from flow switch prevents system failure (e.g. Chiller freezing)
■ Operational controls of pumps, burners and motorized valves in additive pumping and other commercial flow lines to avoid system failure upon lack of water or liquid supply

Special features

■ Switch point repeatability of ≤ 5% for reliable switching
■ High quality bellows & micro switch for endurance
> 500,000 cycles ■ Stainless steel paddles with rigid construction to withstand pressure surges and high media temperatures

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