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  • Name : Flow indicating switch Model UZ
  • Type : FLOW
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Style UZ Direct Reading Flow Indicators/Indicating Switches are versatile instruments designed to accept different paddle sizes to handle a wide range of water flow. These are available with either 304 or 316 SS wetted parts. Inline versions with screwed or flanged ends are available for line sizes from 15 to 50 mm as standard.
The easy to fix design reduces installation cost and down time and also eliminates complexity involved in conventional flow measuring methods which warrant primary flow elements and secondary flow measuring devices. Simple mechanism ensures high reliability and near zero failures. A spring supported paddle is deflected by the flow which actuates the metering unit that is completely isolated from the flow chamber by means of a metal bellows seal. The metering gear unit transduces the paddle movement into a pointer travel on a calibrated scale of 260° ±10° for direct flow indication
One or two sub-miniature microswitches can be provided inside the case for setting control / alarm function. The switching point can be set between 10–90% of the scale range by adjusting a setting screw which can be locked later. The adjustable setting is achieved by varying the position of the microswitch against a cam assembly.
The adjustments are accessible from the front after removing the gauge glass. The switch function is indicated by an optional front mounted bicolour LED (red and green).


■ Furnace ■ Foundry ■ Pumps ■ Special purpose machines

Special features

■ No primary elements
■ Indication in desired flow units
■ Threaded or flanged connection
■ Control switching option
■ Only for water flow measurement

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