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The digital temperature transmitter T12 range is designed for universal industrial use. Comprehensive configuration possibilities like, for example, type of sensor, measuring range and error signalling, reliable accuracy, galvanic isolation and EMI protection characterise these transmitters. The compact head mounting case fits in almost any DIN connecting head with form B.
During configuration any one of 17 types of sensors can be selected.
Measured temperatures are from - 200 °C up to + 2300 °C. The following sensors can be connected:
- RTDs per DIN IEC 751, JIS C 1606, DIN 43 760 in 2- , 3- and 4-lead connection, the connection system used is configurable and ensures an optimal lead wire compensation - thermocouples per DIN IEC 584, DIN 43 710 and ASTM E988 Cold junction compensation (CJC) is built-in, the use of an external CJC is selectable via configuration.


• Machinery, plant construction • Process industry


• Universal configuration via Windows-PC, simulation of the sensor not necessary • Isolation voltage 1500VAC between sensor and current loop • Signalling configurable for sensor burnout and sensor short circuiting • 100% Rh protection, moisture condensation permissible

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