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Product Detail

  • Name : Flow switches Model BM, BGM, GABM, GK-BM
  • Type : FLOW
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Style BM / BGM / GABM / GK-BM flow switches are versatile instruments designed to accept different paddle sizes to handle any line size. Materials of construction and glandless design render the switches compatible with most of the corrosive and toxic fluids. The easy-to-fix design reduces installation costs and time. Simple mechanical parts ensure high reliability and near-zero failures.
The microswitch of the instrument is operated by the deflection of the paddle assembly due to velocity of flowing fluid against the restraining force of the range spring through a bellows sealed lever at a pre-determined flow rate.


■ Lube oil skids
■ Water treatment
■ Furnace
■ Pumps
■ Fire fighting

Special features

■ Proven design for liquids
■ Line size 15 ... 300 mm
■ Robust construction
■ Only for water flow measurement

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