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  • Name : Resistance thermometer Without thermowell Model TR10-H
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Resistance thermometers without thermowell are particularly suitable for those applications in which the metal sensor tip is mounted directly into bored holes (e.g. in machine components) or directly into the process for any application with no chemically aggressive media or abrasion. For mounting into a thermowell, a spring-loaded compression fitting should be provided, since only this can press the measuring tip into the bottom of the thermowell. Otherwise a potentially critical force could be exerted on the measuring tip. Mounting is usually made directly into the process. Fastening elements such as threaded fittings, union nuts, etc. can also be used.


For direct installation into the process
Machine building
Pipelines and vessels

Special features

Sensor ranges from -196 ... +600 °C (-320 ... +1,112 °F)
For insertion, screw-in with optional process connection
Connection head form B or JS
Explosion-protected versions

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