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  • Name : Pressure transmitter For sanitary applications Model SA-11
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The pressure transmitter SA-11 is designed especially for the requirements of the food and beverage, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. It is particularly suitable for the special conditions of CIP/ SIP cleaning processes, such as chemical stability towards cleaning liquids and high temperatures. The flush diaphragm is directly welded to the process connection. This guarantees a crevice-free connection of the process connection and the measuring cell so that additional sealings are not required. For dead-space free instrumentation, aseptic process connections (clamp, threaded, VARIVENT® and NEUMO®) are available.


For gases, compressed air, vapour, liquids, pastes and powdery media
Ultra-pure steam systems for SIP
Hydrostatic level measurement:
Vacuum pressure monitoring, e.g. vacuum conveyors, pump monitoring
Food and beverage manufacturing, pharmaceutical industry, biotechnology, sanitary applications

Special features

Wide variety of aseptic process connections, for process temperatures up to 150 °C
Flush diaphragm with a surface roughness of Ra < 0.38 μm
Fully welded
Suitable for SIP and CIP
Ingress protection up to IP 68

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