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  • Name : Differential pressure gauge with electrical output signal Universal version, high overpressure safety Models DPGT43HP.100 and DPGT43HP.160
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At any point where a differential pressure has to be indicated locally, and, at the same time, a signal is wanted to be transmitted to a central controller or remote control room, the model DPGT43HP intelliGAUGE (US Patent No. 8,030,990) can be used.
The electronic WIKA transmitter, integrated into the model 732.14 high-quality mechanical differential pressure gauge, combines the advantages of electrical signal transmission with the advantages of a local mechanical display.


■ Acquisition and display of process values ■ Transmission of process values to the control room (4 ... 20 mA) ■ For measuring locations with a high differential pressure overload and/or high working pressures (static pressures), also in aggressive ambience ■ Easy-to-read, analogue on-site display needing no external power


■ High working pressure (static pressure) and high overpressure safety, optionally up to 40, 100, 250 or 400 bar ■ Individual, non-linear characteristic curves (e. g. x2 or √x for flow measurement) ■ "Plug-and-play" with no configuration necessary ■ Differential pressure measuring ranges from 0 … 60 mbar ■ Hydraulic cushioning protection against rapid pressure changes

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