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  • Name : 40005E Bargraph Indicator
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The 40005E is an Enhanced version of our Legacy model 40005 Bargraph indicators, additional capabilities have been added by way of multi-serial ports, Ethernet port, scanning speed, and Relay outputs. The model is available in single channel and dual channel format.
40005E is configured using the front keyboard and display or PC based configuration software supplied with unit. The unit has a 4 digit numeric and 101 segment Bars to display process Value, Alarm/Trip and communication status are displayed by discrete LEDs on front fascia.
40005E comes with one RS485 port as a standard, a second RS485 port and/or a Ethernet Port are options to enhance the communication capabilities of the unit and use it as an RTU, controller or protection device for parameters like Level, Vibration, Gas detection, etc.


Monitoring of Level, Vibration, Flow, etc
Alarm/Trip Unit
On/off Controller
Digital Switch
Gas Detection
Marine-Utility Monitoring on Ships


Microcontroller based
Full 4 digit numeric & 101 segment bar display
Universal Input
Square root extractor
or PC based configuration software
Digital calibration
Built-in Transmitter supply
Watchdog output
Retransmission output (Isolated)

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