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Flow Indicator Counter Totalizer

Masibus' Model 1006H is compact panels mount Flow Rate Totalizer having 6-digit single display group for flow rate and batch total. Measured parameters are displayed with high accuracy and floating decimal point position. If auxiliary power fail, the displayed Batch Total, Integrated total and all programming parameters are stored in non-volatile memory, and are automatically recovered when auxiliary power is restored. Model-1006H has optional two relays to configure simple batching operations with High/Low, Pre warn or End of process set points. Alarm/relay and data communication status are indicated on separate LEDs. Model 1006H FIT is equipped with additional features like transmitter power supply to excite field transmitter, Isolated retransmission output for recorder and It has optional serial communication on RS485 over MODBUS RTU protocol for interfacing with SCADA/PLC, PC based data acquisition and reporting system. The programming, calibration and operation of the instrument are done by four simple keys. The instrument is provided with five-point calibration. The unit can be calibrated in installed condition itself by front panel keys at predefined points. Operation of the instrument is menu driven. It has password protection facility for protecting programmed data. Integrated total, batch total and roll count are cleared by special password. A selectable square root extractor function enables the output from a differential flow transmitter to be displayed in linear units.

Flow Indicator-Totalizer

Masibus' Model 1008S has features and performance you will find only in high end flow computers, like high accuracy, high resolution, PT compensation and fast sampling to measure and totalize with precision even fast changing flow rates. The unit has a 5-digit flow rate display and an 8-digit batch total/ integrated total display with rollover counts. All Totalized data and configured parameters are stored in non-volatile memory and retained during power off and power disruptions.
Model-1008S has optional four relays, 2 for flow rate and 2 for batch total, the flow rate relays can be setup for Hi/Lo Alarm and the batch total relays for Pre and Final batch total. 1008S also has optional four digital inputs to operate the Totalizing function remotely. RS485 and Flow rate Re-transmission option allows easy interface with PLC/DCS/SCADA systems. A selectable square root extractor function enables compatibility with DP transmitters without built-in square root extractor.
Model 1008S is field selectable for mA/V DC or frequency flow rate input signal, for 4-20mA2 wire transmitter it has a 24V DC transmitter supply as a standard, the input signal can be scaled from 0 to 30000 engineering value and the time base is selectable from Sec/Min/Hour/Day, for frequency input the K factor is user programmable, the unit also has option to accept 2 more dc signals for pressure and temperature compensation in mass flow computation.
Additional features built-in are Programmable zero cut-off rate, totalized unit pulse output, five segment linearization, digital filter and password protection for reset of total and configured data.